Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Going Without A Sense

So...I wanted to take one of my senses away from myself for this blog and see what kind of experience I would have. I wanted to take it away from the real world, but enhance it but only from my perspective. On Thursday, I don't have my children, so I thought it was the perfect day to do this. I'm in school for a large part of the day, so that aspect also made this experiment interesting. I decided to have my own personal soundtrack for the majority of the day by constantly keeping my ipod on and attached to my ears via headphones. it was extremely interesting to see how people reacted to me never taking my headphones off. People would talk to me and I attempted to read their lips which I found out, I'm not half bad at. During my first class, I sat in the back of class and no one really noticed what I was doing. The teacher lectured while I listened to music which made class a completely different experience. In between classes I went to Wal Mart and to the gas station, where if someone spoke to me I just kind of nodded my head. People kind of reacted to my like I was a was kind of funny. In my second class I had to adjust and reintroduce myself to other sounds by taking only one headphone out so I could do the tutorial with the rest of my class. This was interesting. Things sounded so funny with John Legend playing in my other ear. It was actually interesting because at one point when we got up for a break, and the whole class got out of their seats, it was as if the music climaxed at the same time. Overall this was a really fun experience and I learned that I can read lips actually really well.

WOW....where have I been?

So I can't believe that I haven't blogged in this long. I have been so busy with school and the babies being sick that February just flew by. A couple of weeks ago Beth let us choose to either watch a movie in class and order pizza or have a bliss assignment where we could go do whatever we want, but we had to dedicate the full class time to our bliss. I chose to have the free time because I never get free time and just wanted to hang by myself. My bliss consisted of the following elements...eating at Noodles and Company while watching Desperate Housewives on my iPod and then spending time at my friend of 10 years, Bryan's house and watching more shitty reality television. So, it's not like I did anything spectacular with my time, but I was abe to take a couple of hours and dedicate it solely to me, which I seriously appreciate.